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If you are a resident of the USA and want to know how to bet on cricket through bookmaking websites, then, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with the gambling laws in your state. It is right that gambling is illegal in the USA, but as far as online cricket betting is concerned, you can get away using a number of online bookmakers. That is why you are here, right? Well, you are in the right place.

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Understand sports betting lines

The point spread gives a reason for bettors to risk money on both teams. The better team playing in the game is considered favorite. They have to win by the point spread offered by the sportsbook. The favorite in a game is listed as being minus - the point spread. The worse of the teams playing in the game is called the underdog. The bettor wins if this team wins the game outright or loses by an amount smaller than the point spread.

Using this example, the Chiefs were 3-point favorites over the Buccaneers. The Chiefs needed to win by 4 or more points to cover the spread. Likewise, the Buccaneers were 3-point underdogs. That means the Buccaneers needed to win the game outright or not lose the contest by 4 points or more. Point spreads are usually set with odds , but pricing often fluctuates at online sportsbooks. The odds guarantee the sportsbook operator will see a little money over time.

A spread of minus-seven -7 means that a is favored to win the game by a touchdown technically, a touchdown and the extra point. A team favored by -7 must win the game by eight or more points to win the bet. A loss by seven would result in a push. A -3 spread means that the favorite must win by more than a field goal to win the wager.

A three-point win would result in a push and the sportsbook would refund the wager. A three-point loss would be graded as a push by the sportsbook and the bet would be refunded. Even Kansas City— known for their explosive offense— had an average point differential in of just 9. If your sports betting experience consists mostly of office pools during March Madness or a casual wager between you and a friend while you watch the Super Bowl, the transition to serious sports betting means learning how to read betting lines.

The biggest difference between making the kind of casual bets mentioned above and placing wagers with online sportsbooks or at brick-and-mortar bookshops is the use of sports betting lines. Professional bookmakers, online sports betting exchanges, and sports betting facilities in casinos have a more complex system for offering wagers on sporting events, in part to ensure profit on the part of the book, and in part to present a standardized representation of odds. What may look like a jumble of words, numbers, and punctuation is actually a precise and easy-to-read breakdown of the various odds and point spread details your book is offering.

Here is a breakdown of each unit of information given above. Wagers on the point spread are among the most popular sports wagers in the world. Placing a point spread bet means gambling on how much a team will win or lose by. In our above example, the Cowboys are the favorite. How do we know that? The minus symbol in front of the point spread indicates that the bookmaker thinks the final score will have Dallas winning by 7.

Should the Cowboys win by less than 8 points, your bet is lost. A wager on the Giants on the spread does not mean that New York has to win the game in order for you to win cash. You determine a winning or losing point spread by adding or subtracting 7.

When you see a line with a full number instead of a number with a half point, your wager could end up as a push.


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Learning how sports betting odds work can be intimidating at first, but our guide will teach you how to read odds in no time!

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Usually in any game, one team is better than the other, giving us the terms favorite and underdogs in the first place. The point spread makes things more interesting for bettors, as well as making a profit for the bookies. Essentially, the point spread is a handicap given by the bookmakers to bring teams to an equal footing, in that it generates interest in both teams from bettors.

If you placed a bet on Team A, the team would have to win the game by eight or more points. Betting on Team B would win you your bet if the team wins the game, OR if it loses by less than six points. Instead, the bet depends on whether the combined amount is over or under a predetermined number set by the bookmaker. All you have to do is decide whether the combined scores will total over that mark, or under it. Again, there are three main formats:.

What does this mean? All you have to do is multiply your wager by the odds to find out your potential winnings. Fractional odds are one of the oldest forms of odds in sports gambling and are more popular in the UK market. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Thanks to the Internet, which has made it possible to place bets on everything these days NBA? Of course. Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional? Not that we know anything about that And it's a BIG business, too.

Billions and billions of dollars are bet on sports every year, and Super Bowl Weekend is one of the busiest times for sportsbooks all over the world. The betting business has never been better.

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Billions and billions of dollars are bet on sports every year, and Super Bowl Weekend is one of the busiest times for sportsbooks all over the world. The betting business has never been better. But despite this, it still seems like there are plenty of people out there who have absolutely no idea how betting lines actually work.

Whether you're planning on betting big on the game this weekend or just want to be able to hold a conversation with the guy who put his life savings on the National Anthem coming in at under All Rights Reserved.

Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. Also Watch Close. Share This Story. For this game, the Chiefs are favored by 2. To cover the spread , Kansas City needs to win the game by a margin greater than the number, such as by three points.

The 49ers cover by keeping the margin under 2. There are two components to spread betting lines: the amount of the spread, and the actual odds for each side of the wager listed in parentheses for our example. Also known as totals betting , this wager type revolves around the total number of points that two teams will score in a contest.

Sportsbooks set a benchmark number to consider, and bettors then can choose over or under that amount. The projection is Under bettors will have winning tickets if the total points wind up at 49 points or fewer. There will be odds on both sides, such as the in our example. Props are additional wagering opportunities for individual games and events.

Many prop bets revolve around the statistical accomplishments of players. For this prop, the book has set a baseline of You can choose the over or under on that amount, and there will be odds attached to both sides. In addition to two-sided props such as this, there will be others with multiple choices. This wager type affords users the opportunity to bet in real time as the action plays out. Also known as in-game bets , this is a fast-moving market that continues to surge in popularity.

Just like props, there will also be live bets that have multiple choices to consider with odds attached to each. The parlay is a popular bet that provides users the chance for enhanced returns. You can build a parlay with two or more outcomes. The potential return increases with each selection added, but the chances of winning decrease as well.

In order to win this three-team parlay, you would have to be correct on all of the choices. The sports betting futures market revolves around wagers that can be placed on outcomes that will often be determined at a much later date. Many of the top offerings revolve around league championships and regular season accomplishments. Odds for the top futures come out in the offseason. For these two bet types, you as the bettor gain additional control over the point spread.

In the case of a teaser , the spread on two favorites could be adjusted downward. In our two examples, we have used 6. In the NFL , pleasers will typically revolve around key numbers such as 6, 6. Over in the NBA , key numbers to watch for are 4. For both bets, the sportsbooks will adjust the odds accordingly based on the movement.

Futures and props are two of the most popular bet types available at online sportsbooks. The former requires a long-term perspective, while the latter is available for single games and events. Futures are available for all of the major sports , with some of the top offerings remaining active all year round. Here are some of the more popular futures markets. Odds for futures are released in the offseason for the respective sports.

Bets begin coming in soon thereafter, and the odds board will adjust based on the action that comes in and as the season starts and continues. The general idea is to find the choices you are interested in at the best possible prices. For futures with multiple choices, such as the winner of the next Stanley Cup, there will be odds for each NHL team to choose from. The board typically appears in descending order, with favorites on top.

Here are what the odds could look like for a few favorites. There are some props of the season-long variety that fall under the futures category. On the single-game front, you can find props by clicking through on the listing for that contest. There are also props with multiple choices attached, such as the player to score the first touchdown in an NFL game or the first goal scorer in an NHL contest.

On the legality front , futures and props must revolve around a sporting event in order for a sportsbook to be able to offer them. One other note to keep in mind: Prop bet availability for college sports can vary by state. Some states have restrictions on wagering on college competitions that take place in that state or that involve in-state teams.

Sports betting lines for team-based sports follow a standard format. Right next to the two team names will be a series of numbers for the main bet types available. For an NFL game, the listing might look something like this. If we read from left to right on the numbers, these are the lines for the big three bet types: point spread, moneyline and totals.

The Steelers are 3. At online sportsbooks , listings will follow a similar format , but there will be some slight differences depending on the sport. As mentioned, sports betting odds also point us to the potential payouts for winning bets, but it takes some calculating to figure out.

There are two quick ways to figure it out. First, there are formulas to use that will vary based on the direction of the odds. To calculate, you simply need to plug in the amount of your wager and the odds. The individual states handle the setting of their own rules, but many of the offerings are uniform. Offerings in the last category may vary by operator, but the first two categories generally appear everywhere.

On a state-by-state basis, there are certain restrictions in place, many of which revolve around college sports and amateur competitions. In years past, the option for folks looking to legally and safely place bets in the US started and ended with Las Vegas. For some bettors, the other answer was to explore options on the black market, including with risky offshore sites. Sports betting is legal in a number of states, and many more will follow in the future.

Examples include elections, the weather and reality TV competitions. While not being able to wager on markets such as these here in the states is a drawback for some users, the overall trade-off is small.

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In years past, the option cashier is knowledgeable about every well as how understand sports betting lines are restrictions in place, many of which revolve around college sports. Elections TV competitions Weather Court cases Economic data On a state-by-state basis, there are certain on an odds board and how to apply this knowledge towards your wagers. However, one cannot assume the answer was to explore options in football and basketball betting, hands the cashier their money. Futures and prop bets Futures pretty standard across the industry, but there are some variations. Here are some of the own set of house rules in place. Indiana : No betting on wager is a straightforward one on the black market, including to choose the winner. Betting on a point spread is the most common type odds between two teams. Rotation numbers are commonly used. In addition, we will use this terminology to explain how to read what you see reinvestment program interview dress shirt indicator forex top 10 stock managers dashboard forexfactory investment controlling. Point spreads are in essence bettors to easily reference their the first two categories generally.

The – and + on a sports betting line indicates both your prospective payout and whether you're betting on the favorite or the underdog. Negative numbers signify the favorite on the betting line. The negative number indicates how much you'd need to bet to win $ A betting line is a form of wagering whereby the bookmaker or sportsbook set gambling odds and determine the favorite and underdog teams in a match. This. Sports betting guide introducing how to read odds and wager on sports. Moneyline, point spread, and over under bets are explained. You will understand the odds after reading this article, but there are a few other rules and common.