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Sports betting australia wikitravel

You got the others correct. I think that pretty much mean that, at the very least, english is considered the official language for immigration purpose. I'm fairly certain that English is our official national language, as the appropriate conventions of British Parliament were inserted into our legal system, before Federation. During my studies of linguistics at Monash a univerity in Melbourne, Australia we learnt that Australia does not have an official language that is, although it's obvious that English is the language of choice, nowhere is it written that English or any other language is the official language of Australia.

Nothing on IR? Why's that? I recently was at a concert with australian contemporary music. One piece was utterly interesting and moving. It tells of the story of settlers and the hardships they had to endure. I forgot the name of the music. Anyone remember?

I remember that crickets were played by violins. Anyone have a clue? They should put something like that in the culture part. It's simply a masterpiece, I am german, and I think that if there's anyone who can write more on australian contemporary music, it would be great.

Nowadays, you're less likely to find the beer-swelling, pot-bellied, lazy Aussie drongo in every household. In actual fact, most Australians can be compared to chardonnay-sipping, culture loving intellects that are greatly against public displays of patriotism greatly opposed to the USA. Sadly, I myself lack knowledge of Cont. Classical Composers, Ross Edwards, eh..

I think that's probably the reason most people tend to avoid it.. Why is this link here? I am dumbfounded why a link like this would stay but other links are deemed commercial and deleted? What is the relevance of this? Wouldn't it be better to have actual Legendary Australian musicians in this article who have wrote about the Australia Way of Life?

Not Manic Street Preachers. If I knew how, i'd format the phonetics correctly - but i don't! Petesmiles , 14 November UTC. Ooops - a little knowledge being a dangerous thing, I thought that these phonetics were an attempt to display the phonetic font that I'm used to seeing, such as [3] [ I corrected the URI — FtC The only reason I haven't put them back in myself is because I do find them a little incomprehensible, and wonder if anyone else agrees?

Petesmiles , 19 November UTC. In the s, the Labor Party, led by Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating, started the process of modernising the Australian economy by floating the Australian dollar in , and deregulating the financial system. This paragraph needs to be pulled apart.

I've never voted liberal in my life and even I can see the npov in this! It highlights the achievements of the labor party, omits the 'recession that australia had to have' the unemployment levels and interest rates born by Paul Keating's labor government and fails to acknowledge the achievements of the liberal government.

I'm not the right person to do it but this certainly needs to be rewritten! Don't re-wriet - the para is about the deregulation of the Aust economy, and does a good job in the few words it has available. But do change 'modernisation' to 'deregulation' - modernisation is a pretty meaningless word. Re-insterted the reference to 2 major territories, which seemed important to me. A small question - apart from Jervis Bay territory, which other regions fall into this category?

Aboriginal welfare is not genocide. Attempts to portray it as such are politically motivated. In international law the "Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide" defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group" - so the question of INTENT is critical.

At part e the Convention says that "Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group" would be genocide where the INTENT to destroy a racial or ethnic group was operative. As mentioned above, one of the first "Stolen Generation" compensation cases to go to court found that the "stolen child" was in fact rescued after being stuffed down a hole and left to die. So genocide is rescuing children from death or neglect and giving them food, shelter, education, medicine and care?

The intent was care, help and protection. I had lost my wik user name and password but now and back in business better than a bare IP number even if it is static as in my case! To address the issue: cj, the point is "intent to destroy" just as it says plainly in international law. I do not believe you will find any evidence of "intent to destroy" with respect to Australian practices of child removal.

Hardly any full blood Aboriginal children were removed. It was mixed race children and even then they were only removed in the context of a threat to their welfare or survival. It is wrong to revise history in this way and smear the names of many compassionate people of good will who tried their best to help children they perceived to be in danger.

How can we, 50 or years later, judge the delicate situations they faced? If the same circumstances existed today, the same child welfare interventions would be carried out. But I don't think it is up to me to "prove" that the genocide reference is inappropriate. If you want this highly politicised assertion to stand, you must demonstrate that it meets the requirements specified in international law and the "Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide", which is the authority cited.

That authority specifically says that genocide involves the "intent to destroy" - you need to show that that Australia as a nation and state was inspired by an intent to destroy the Aboriginal race. I do not think you will find any evidence of such malice, except perhaps for isolated incidents and acts of individuals. The fact that Aboriginal society declined as a result of disease and the ascendancy of European culture does not amount to genocide Those who unfortunately do use it, banalise it into a validation of every kind of victimhood'" The criteria for inclusion in Wikipedia are simple: it must be verifiable , it must not be original research , and we must include other views on the same topic so that a neutral point of view is reached.

And no Marcus, we don't have to represent every crackpot viewpoint, but if one can name "prominent adherents", then the viewpoint can be included. Whether it is truthful to say that genocide happened is irrelavent. Whether we as editors believe what people say is also irrelavent. Several issues: In the past we had a link from today's understanding to Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

I think that was helpful. The wording of the convention does not at all imply any malice towards individuals, only an intent to destroy a group. The sentence saying that some people consider the claims a fabrication is fair enough, but it does seem to be spending too much time on the issue in the context of the article. Most claims about genocide are controversial - does it need to be spelt out that this one is? The "decline of the indigenous population" statement is interesting, as it is true if "indigenous population" is meant to mean a community, but not so true in the modern sense that anyone with any indigenous ancestry is indigenous, and encouraged to identify as such.

Personally I can't see why the forced removal of children is even being discussed as one of the main causes of indigenous population decline. IMO it is disingenuous bordering on the dishonest. Very few children who were removed died as a result of the move. It was simply never a significant contributor to population decline and can not be justifiably included in a list of the main causes of population decline.

I haven't actually deleted the entry, but I have edited it so that it no longer appears that any serious anthropolgist or historian considers this a major cause of population decline. Personally I think that the reference should be deleted altogther, not because it is controverserial but because it is so trivial to the subject being discussed. It simply was never a major cause of population decline. By all means start another "historical controversies" section or something, but it really doesn't warrnt listing as a major cause of population decline.

If someone can find a refernce to a respected anthropologist or historian who lists the removal of chilren as one of the main causes of population decline then all well and good. Until then we shouldn't make such a claim. Unfamiliar diet, discarding social traditions and taboos that allowed for survival. Haven't most countries fallen short of the goals? Andjam , 28 November UTC. I think that it should be noted that this is far from unusual. We're currently standardizing all country articles to use the latter, but I want to clarify first whether there's a special reason for the anomaly.

State your thoughts at Template talk:Infobox Country , please. If you read the 'history' section too on quickly, you'd miss out discovering that Australia ever had a convict shipped to it. I think there needs to be a fuller account of the reasons for the British foudning of a colony, and the nature of early colonial pre-gold rush society. Australia only came about because of Britain setting up a penal colony in New South Wales. Each article should have uniform spelling and not a haphazard mix of different spellings, which can be jarring to the reader.

For example, do not use center in one place and centre in another in the same article except in quotations or for comparison purposes. Articles that focus on a topic specific to a particular English-speaking country should generally conform to the spelling of that country. There was a dynamic shift from the UK to the US, but Australia's own identity is swiftly being established.

I can saftly say that the majority of australians want to shead the inaccurate image of us all being bush-bashers that speak like drongo's and drink beer all day with koala's and kangaroo's in our back yard Overall, i guess the way australian culture is now, there isnt really a great need to bear the union jack on our flag If you know of any famous Lebanese Australians , they are being listed on the Lebanese Australian page.

I removed the reference to indigienous first peoples arriving "by land bridges and short sea passages" from India - there were never land bridges between Australia and India, and the sea passages are far from short. This relates to geography, not ethnology - if someone wants to put back the reference to Aboriginal Australians having the latter kind of connection with India, they're welcome, but it should be drafted in a way that makes the difference clear.

But maybe someone with detailed knowledge can check this. Torres Strait Islanders occupied the islands, the adjacent coastlines on the Australian and New Guinea mainlands and much of Cape York at the time of European settlement. They were slowly expanding their range southward. This was the traditional method of invasion, beginning with the people who made it all the way to what is now Tasmania and became separated from later waves.

During Ice Ages, Bass Strait became passable, as did much of the narrow passages separating islands all the way to the mainland, with the exception of one deep ocean trench which required a not-insignificant sea crossing. Given that mankind evolved in Africa and the first Australians essentially walked here in a trek which must have taken thousands of years it is hard to see how they could have avoided passing through what is now India.

I recenly switched the article to footnote3 since footnote4 is no longer recommended for use. A This seems a fairly basic fact for a previously featured article to get wrong, so I thought I'd check here before changing it. On what basis was the 25,km figure chosen? I've been doing a bit of work on the White Australia Policy and have been trying to see if anyone has done something on the transportation of convict labour to Australia. Perhaps I'm just tired and can't find it. But if anyone does have some info on this it would be good to know rather than start something fresh.

Harrypotter , 13 January UTC. Please to not compare modern day australia to the ancient 'white australia policy' which has almost definatly completly turned around. If you'll ignore the occasional edited-in corrections, and don't mind hearing a year-old rant on about Australia, then everything should be good. The opening five minutes isn't very good, but I think it gets better after you get used to my voice and I start using a bit of expression.

One more thing. You will probably notice music towards the last ten minutes. This is because my mum decided to crank up the damn stereo right in the middle of my damn recording. Let me stress that this is by no means a professional job. When I made this, I put a big emphasis on making my words loud and clear, and made as few mistakes as I could. Whenever I made a particularly obvious mistake, I went back and re-did the paragraph.

Oh, and you might notice a bit of a wierd accent at the opening. I have no idea how this happened. Babij , 17 January UTC. What determines which countries are considered neighbours and which not? Is it distance alone? Be sure not to overpay, but also not to under insure! If you do not have any friends interested in travelling with you, the choice to travel for such a long period by yourself is not always an easy one to make. Although you will inadvertently find that you are never alone for very long as a backpacker in Australia, some prefer the security and comfort that travelling with a group brings along.

To accommodate in this, and to help arrange all other aspects of a backpacking trip to Australia, different organizations sell pre-arranged trips to Australia which include things like flights, pre departure information, airport pick up on arrival, an orientation session, a few nights in a hostel, insurance and so on. Although it might not always be your idea of an independent trip, these pre-arranged packages do include benefits like getting to know people quicker and getting some of the labour intensive arranging work taken care of.

Also, because they often purchase flights in bulk, a fully pre-arranged package can be as cheap, if not cheaper, than doing it all on your own. Workwise, it is important to remember that you are travelling to Australia on a visa that will only allow you to work for one employer for a maximum of three months.

And in that regard, employers worldwide feel the same; "why pay someone who is only going to stick with me for a maximum of three months a great salary if I can get a local to do the same work for longer? So, if you are looking at your time in Australia to give you work experience that will be beneficial to your career, you should rethink your motives for travelling Down Under.

Another thing that unfortunately is not in favour of those backpackers looking for short term work is the large amount of people who have gone before you and scammed employers, quit after their first day, never showed up, showed up drunk because they just didn't care etc. Sad but true, a lot of backpackers have 'scammed' in some way, shape or form and considering Australian employers have to deal with nearly of them each year, they are increasingly wary of hiring them.

Compared to 10, and even 5 years ago, work has become increasingly hard to find in Australia for independent travellers. This has paved the way for certain organizations to claim that they can offer guranteed jobs to backpackers who pay them a membership fee.

It is always good to be wary of these guarantees as one 8 hour shift already qualifies as a 'job' in their eyes. Furthermore, the largest part of the jobs these organizations offer are 'passed on' jobs which they get referred from other free employment agencies, so if you enlist with enough free employment agencies, you can always get the same positions offered to you without spending the fees.

Next to registering with employment agencies, keep an eye on the local newspapers and notice boards in hostels for temporary work going around. Most work is still found the old fashioned way, by looking for it. Whether this means searching countless newspaper pages, calling employment agencies regularly to show you are eager or just knocking on doors of restaurants, cafes, bars and lunch rooms is up to you.

But if you show you are eager, you will find the work available sooner or later. There are some times of the year when work is exceptionally hard to find in certain areas, but not in others if you are willing to re-locate. For example, December and January are a particularly hard time to find work in Sydney with a lot of travellers heading there to enjoy Christmas and New Year celebrations.

However, this happens to also coincide with the main grape picking season in Victoria and travellers that are out of money regularly decide to choose making money and spending little to not making money and spending a lot. Having said all of this, if you go to Australia with right state of mind and expectations regarding the type of work you will be doing there, you will enjoy your time there like no other.

Expect to get dirty working on a farm, 'enjoy' picking bananas or other fruits with hundreds of other backpackers on a plantation, try your hand at telesales or cleaning in hostels around the country; in short, be ready to do work you would never do at home. And if you work hard and are honest, you will be paving a smoother way for your fellow travellers after you! The most important reason for heading down to Australia will probably be the travelling that can be done there.

And rightly so because there is a lot to be seen and without travelling you won't be able to see it. Australia might not look the part when you see it on a map of the world but it is the sixth largest country in the world. So when it comes to distance, it is best not to underestimate the time you need to spend travelling in Australia to be able to really see it. Your choice of transportation around the country should be dependent on the time you have to see it.

A good example is the or so kilometres between Melbourne and Sydney, a good 12 hours by bus or train and comparable with a trip from Amsterdam to Barcelona in Europe. If you have the time, and don't mind regular one or two day rides, cars, buses and trains offer a reasonable means of transportation. They also allow you a good opportunity to see some of the country and enjoy the unique scenery, although looking at red dirt does become somewhat of a bore after a while. If you don't have time, flying is going to be the only option that allows you to see a fair bit of the country in a reasonably short period of time.

Normally speaking, travelling by bus will prove to be the cheapest, with legions of travel passes, kilometre passes, point to point tickets and other opportunities existing. However, with the arrival of Virgin Blue as a discount carrier in Australia a few years ago, cheap online flight fares have become a regularity. Those travellers with time or good planning in advance can regularly take advantage of prices which are comparable, if not cheaper, to bus travel, without the coinciding travel times.

Very popular among independent travellers are smaller buses that stay 'off the beaten track' and travel Australia on smaller roads than interliners would follow. Travelling in this manner allows travellers to socialize more with fellow travellers and to get to know each other better.

The bus driver doubles as a guide and there are regular stops and activities along the way, with pre-selected accommodation breaking up trips further. For those travellers with time it is a great way to see more of the country without actually having to purchase your own car or means of transportation.

If full independence is what you are after, your best bet is to hire or purchase a car. If you are staying longer than 4 or 5 weeks, purchasing can already be cheaper than hiring, with numerous car sellers offering a guaranteed buy back at a certain percentage of the sales price. There are numerous garages or autobarns where backpackers can cheaply purchase second hand cars, and some that specialize solely on the backpacking market.

Keeping an eye on hostel notice boards and your ear open when talking to backpackers that are leaving the country are other popular methods. With some backpackers abandoning their car at the airport before departing the country, there are often bargains to be found in the case of desperate sellers. Just be careful you don't end up with their outstanding traffic violaion bills and that your insurance is all taken care of when you hit the road! One of the biggest worries most people have when departing for Australia is what they will do about accommodation when they get there.

Although logical to some degree, it is totally unnecessary. Accommodation is readily available at all different price ranges and if you want the security of booking in advance, there are numerous sites where this can be done safe and secure like right here on Travellerspoint for example. Many hostels and hotels also offer free airport pick ups as an incentive to book your first nights with them. Hostels are the most common form of accommodation for backpackers, although some backpackers on a less stringent budget might consider hotels every now and then.

Hostels also offer the added benefit of getting to know fellow travellers quicker, offering cooking and clothes washing possibilities and being considerably more social overall, without necessarily losing in cleanliness and comfort.

One drawback that unfortunately comes with sleeping in a room full of strangers is that you are bound to be woken at times you weren't planning to wake up. Another, unfortunately, is theft. Not everyone in your room might be inclined to respect that what you purchased is actually yours, so it is smart to keep an eye out at all times and not to leave valuables lying around. If you are planning to stay somewhere for longer than a month there might be other options interesting to explore that provide you with a totally different experience.

Short term shared housing options are an interesting possibility forming a good middle ground between a hostel and your own rented accommodation. You still share a room with a few people but these are all travellers staying for at least one month and therefore you get to know your fellow room- and housemates a lot better. Prices are not necessarily cheaper than one week rates in hostels but the added security and sense of 'home' are worth it to many. If you are really planning to stay somewhere for a while, short term leasing is usually the cheapest and safest alternative.

Although lease contracts for periods shorter than six months are not readily available, some real estate agents do offer them. Alternatively you can sign an agreement for longer and hope to pass it on to another traveller after a few months.

Be careful that your name doesn't remain on the contract in this case so as to avoid unexpected bills later on. It is fairly common practice among backpackers to accommodate and 'pass on' rooms in houses that have been inhabited by travellers for years.

No one really remembers who initially started leasing the place and as long as the rent is paid each month and there aren't too many complaints from the neighbours , the agencies tend not to care too much. Local newspapers often have a weekly section with short term accommodation making these are a great place to start looking if you are thinking of signing your own lease. Otherwise, keep your eye on the notice boards in hostels to take over someone else's room when they move on.

No need to pay too much if you can have the same for less! When you work in Australia, you are obliged to pay tax like everyone else in Australia. Just a couple of years ago it was common practice among backpackers to file tax returns for the full amount of tax paid in Australia.

This was usually done by claiming to be a 'resident for taxation purposes' on the final tax papers. Although this was never legally right according to the Australian taxation office, because of their own negligence and a very peculiar tax system where payment was made before actually checking the tax records, this method became common knowledge and was not only practiced by large numbers of travellers but also by accountants and companies claiming taxes on the travellers' behalf.

Recently however, the taxation office has become increasingly strict and is now following up very closely any claims by working holiday makers to be residents for taxation purposes. In some cases, backpackers have even had tax bills sent to their home addresses long after departing Australia, reclaiming the total amount in taxes owed to the government that had been paid out earlier. Generally speaking, if your employer has deducted the correct tax percentage from your pay slip, you will end up not getting any money back from the tax office when you fill in your final end of year papers.

Likewise, if you fill in your papers correctly, you will not be surprised with a tax bill long after returning home. In general, it is good to be very wary of any organizations that claim they can guarantee to get you tax back as these organizations are currently finding themselves in court with the Australian taxation office. It is important to keep all your pay slips from your employers while travelling around Australia and also to request a final aggregate slip with the total amounts withheld and paid from each of your different employers when moving on.

Although there are quite a few companies in Australia that charge you a fee for filling in your final tax papers, doing it yourself is equally easy if you have the right papers at hand and requesting these slips will make your life a lot easier. At your request, the taxation office can supply easy to use packages with all the forms you need to fill in at the end of the year. With a financial year in Australia that runs from the first of July till the end of June, keep in mind you will have to fill in your final tax statement twice if you have worked in separate financial years.


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I changed an opening sentence in the Demographics section from: "The Australian Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state; there is no state religion" to "The Australian Constitution guarantees a limited form of the separation of church and state; there is no state religion.

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Paying taxes on online sports betting It has a massive live music scene, with many inner-suburbs pubs catering many genres, with drink and food specials all week. Many travellers either extend or cut short their trip by a few months so making sure your insurance football pundits betting tips will easily and cheaply allow you to purchase extra months or get a refund is something you definitely want to look at. The long Easter weekend can also be busy as parents take their kids out for a last time before Winter arrives. If you want to contact these services but the situation is not an emergency, don't call you can call the police assistance line on There is no requirement to touch off on trams. The areas of the Barossa Valley near AdelaideHunter Valley near SydneyYarra Valley near Melbourne and Margaret River near Perth are particularly renowned for their wineries and opportunities for cellar door sampling, but northern Victoria and Mudgee also have a large variety.
Sports betting australia wikitravel Credit cards are widely accepted in Australia. Frankston A southeastern beach suburb, the last stop on the Frankston line. Around 10—20 overseas travellers drown in Australia each year. Melbourne is also a good base for experiencing the other attractions of Victoria, most of which can be reached on day trips. Cuisines widely available in Australia, often prepared by members of the relevant culture, include:. In general the card should be intelligent about calculating the best fare for your travels.

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Sports bettors who experienced gambling-related problems were also much more likely than those who did not, to live in households that experienced financial problems. The likelihood of financial problems escalated with the severity of sports bettors' gambling problems.

Half of all households containing a sports bettor with severe gambling problems had members who reported asking family or friends for financial help during the year. These and other financial problems were substantially less prevalent in households where sports bettors reported no gambling problems.

Our analysis of the HILDA survey data shows that more than half a million Australian adults gambled regularly on sports. These people were twice as likely to experience gambling-related problems as the average Australian regular gambler. It shows that those who experienced greater problems spent substantially more than those without problems, and that they were more likely to live in households that experienced financial problems.

The findings and views reported in this paper, however, are those of the authors and should not be attributed to either DSS or the Melbourne Institute. The PGSI consists of nine items that capture problematic behaviour and harm caused by gambling in the past 12 months. The higher the score, the greater the gambling-related problems. Non-problem gamblers report no problematic gambling behaviour or harm. They are considered as being at low to moderate risk of becoming problem gamblers.

Armstrong, A. Sports betting in Australia. Electronic gambling machines are a high-intensity form of gambling and the most harmful form of gambling available in Australia. This study examined trends in gambling activity between the two Australian Productivity Commission inquiries. Copyright information. The Australian Institute of Family Studies acknowledges the traditional country throughout Australia on which we gather, live, work and stand.

We acknowledge all traditional custodians, their Elders past, present and emerging and we pay our respects to their continuing connection to their culture, community, land, sea and rivers. Sports betting in Australia Sports betting in Australia. Andrew Armstrong Megan Carroll. Research Summary — December Read publication. View as a PDF. Scroll down. Summary This Research Summary details findings on sports betting activity in Australia. Key messages In , well over half a million Australian adults , were estimated to have regularly wagered on sports.

Forty-one per cent of all regular sports bettors—, adults—experienced one or more gambling problems in In a typical month, 46 cents in every dollar spent on sports betting by regular sports bettors came from a person with moderate to severe gambling problems. Back to top. These new betting options are exciting and are bringing in new users who are looking to have some fun.

Some of the most popular new betting types are:. BettingTop10 is your trusted source in all things to do with Australian online bookmakers. We are dedicated to analysing, reviewing, ranking, and rating bookmakers.

On the site you can also find exclusive betting tips, odds, statistics, and predictions for upcoming games, matches, and races that are popular in the Australian market. Our deep knowledge on all things to do with Australian online sports betting allows our readers to keep up to date with the all of the latest information.

We have everything you need to know about the industry and pride ourselves on helping others enjoy all of the entertainment that online betting has on offer. Being a regular visitor to BettingTop10 will increase your knowledge and make you a more informed punter.

Mobile betting has been a staple of the Australian sports betting industry for many years and technology improvements have taken it to an advanced level. All of the best Australian betting sites will have a mobile option suited for use when you are on the go or without a computer. Usually mobile betting is possible through either an optimised webpage or an app in the Google Play or Apple store.

You can expect a very similar experience when you are using the best sports betting sites on your mobile, but there are a few things to look out for:. Apps are the preferred way to enjoy the best betting sites on your mobile device and there are some great features that betting apps offer. If you are wanting to place bets quickly they can be a great option due to the fast loading times and ease of use.

This is especially true for horse racing where it is very easy to place a bet before the barriers are drawn while you get ready to watch the race or suite up for the Melbourne Cup. The online betting laws within Australia are some of the most regulated in the world, and for good reason.

Proper betting websites regulation protects potential users from many unwanted circumstances, including getting scammed, taken advantage of, and making rash decisions. Online sports betting in Australia has been regulated for two around decades thanks to the Interactive Gambling Act that was passed in the Australian Parliament on June 28th Since then, the legislation has been amended multiple times with the last occurring in There are two levels of regulation with the Federal Government overseeing the main Interactive Gambling Act and each state having their own governing body to focus on more local issues.

The laws surrounding online gambling in Australia are specifically targeted to prevent problems arising from any online gambling activities. All betting websites must follow the rules, otherwise betting sites in Australia face huge fines and closures. Some state regulations are also stronger than others and NSW is known for having very tight regulations. Due to the legislation that is implemented within Australia, gambling operators are not allowed to advertise or provide certain parts of their business.

Following updates to the Interactive Gambling Act it is illegal for gambling sites to offer advertising during live sports events, give users free bets, and offer bonuses for signups. The reasons why are to limit exposure to advertising for those who are not the target audience and to not pressure people into placing bets after seeing advertising during the game.

Having safe and secure websites to use is one of the most important areas of the best betting sites in Australia. Without having top tier protection you are at risk of having very problematic events occurring, such as having your account used by another person, your identity stolen, and gambling websites being unfair. Australian online betting websites are some of the most well-regulated, safe, and secure sites in the world. All of the sites reviewed by us are licensed to operate within Australia and use the latest security features to protect their assets and users.

By complying with government regulations these sites are completely up to date with SSL technology that authenticates, encrypts, and decrypts all of the data that passes through the site. Along with being safe and secure, these sports betting sites also can be totally trusted. Each site has customer support available to answer any queries you may have about placing certain bets, banking methods, and their staff will do everything they can to keep you happy. All best betting sites that we cover have built large customer bases thanks to their high quality product, and without trust these sites would not have been so successful.

Like the sites we cover, responsible gambling is one of our highest priorities. All content is target at Australian adults aged 18 or over and is provided for entertainment purposes. Staff at BettingTop10 love online sports betting, but what we love more is it occurring responsibly and giving fair and honest reviews. Responsible Wagering Australia plays a big role in ensuring that the online gambling industry is socially responsible, and BettingTop10 is committed to supporting their efforts.

Placing a bet on any of the best Australian betting sites is extremely easy and a lot of fun. It can take less than a minute in some circumstances to place a bet. All you have to do is:. Placing a bet is the easy part. Learning about your chosen market, what sites have the best odds, how to make the most of betting site features, and manage you bankroll are the more complicated areas that it is vital you learn about.

Betting can be a lot of fun, but you need to do it responsibly. One of the most important aspects with online betting sites is choosing your deposit method. You will need to have money in your betting account in order to place a bet, and choosing what method is an important step. Australians are lucky because there is a huge choice in deposit methods available so there is something for everyone.

Some of the most popular deposit methods for the best betting sites include:. The most popular deposit methods are those that are instant transfers and have a low minimum deposit number. When the time comes to withdraw your winnings the options can be a little different. There are only a handful of withdrawal methods available with the most popular being bank or debit card transfer.